Dear colleagues,
IIBA officially starts the process of translating BABOK Guide v3 into Russian.

Since we are a non-profit organization, the translation will be carried out exclusively by volunteers. By participating in this work, you will be able to earn the recognition and respect of the community of business analysts, thoroughly understand the content of the BABOK Guide, and also get CDU points that will be useful to you to confirm CBAP or CCBA certification. Those wishing to participate in this initiative, please send us a letter with the expression of your desire to e-mail:, with CC to

As the email subject specify: “BGv3 Translation - <your name>”. At the beginning of the letter provide your full name, contact information (telephone, Skype, e-mail), the position and the organization (if applicable). You can also provide a link to your LinkedIn profile, and/or personal website.
In addition to the desire for participation in the initiative required:
1. Practical experience as a Business Analyst or Systems Analyst, providing an understanding of the terminology, tasks, methods, tools and typical results of business analysis. Please briefly (100-400 words) describe in a letter your experience as a systems analyst or business analyst. Huge request - do not send a standard CV.
2. Excellent English and impeccable proficiency in Russian. For a presentation of your skills, please attach your translation of the text of one of those sections of the BABOK Guide v3 upon your choice. The text should be an excerpt of a meaningful part of any chapter from 3 to 11 (please do not submit translations of the Introduction and the Glossary). The size of translated text should be between 300 and 400 words (about 2000 characters) in the English version.
3. Ability to devote to the translation activities at least 4 hours of work per a week.
4. You must be an active member of the IIBA. In your e-mail, please indicate your IIBA ID.

Several preliminary comments on the organization of the translation work.

While participation in this endeavor is purely voluntary, we will set reasonable specific deadlines for the deliverables. It means that we expect all participants to apply appropriate self-organization and discipline. We understand the priority of your primary job, but please inform us in advance of the impossibility to fulfill your commitments, so that we could make a timely management decision.

The Expert Council will consist of the IIBA Russia Chapter board members and the team leaders. It will be engaged in the overall organization of the work. Team leaders will be accountable for completing translations of particular sets of chapters of the BABOK Guide. Each participant of the work (upon one's own will) can be a member of one or more teams. In addition to performing a translation, each translator may be asked to review the work of other translators.

The team leaders will be responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and monitoring the translation work, as well as for resolving conflicts within the teams. The complicated, controversial issues and conflicts between the teams will be resolved by the Expert Council. Each translator must be ready defend their point of view, as well as to follow the decisions made by the Expert Council.

The matters of organization and timing of work shall be further discussed in detail within each team. Please treat with understanding to the fact that we reserve the right to make decisions regarding its final composition. In any case, we will respond to all expressed a desire to participate.