Main provisions concerning the organization of BABOK v3.0 translation project

Translation is performed under the auspices of the IIBA Russia Chapter.
All negotiations, approval with the IIBA will be carried out on behalf of the IIBA Russia Chapter.
Formal recognition of the translation as the official version IIBA will carry out jointly with the IIBA Russia Chapter.
IIBA Russia Chapter is liable for the result of this work, so it gives to IIBA Russia Chapter the right to special powers in this initiative - a leading role in this process will perform IIBA Russia Chapter.
Who can participate in this initiative?
In this initiative as a translator can take part (after passing the adoption procedure into the translation group):
 - members of the IIBA Russia Chapter;
 - members of other national chapters;
 - persons who are not entering in any chapter and also persons who are not members of the IIBA in general (because most likely we will need the participation of linguists (specialists in Russian and English language));
But, based on the principle of the leading role of IIBA Russia Chapter,
 - heads of translation groups;
 - members of the Expert Council - the body that makes the final decision;
must be members of the IIBA Russia Chapter.
Participation in the initiative of other national IIBA Chapters
Certainly the work on translation of the BABOK v2.0 conducted by other communities and they have already accumulated some experience and achievements.
This experience will certainly be interesting and useful to us.
We will certainly organize a discussion of the results of translation with members of other communities, both in Russia and in other countries.
However proceeding from the fact that this work now officially conducted under the auspices of the IIBA Russia Chapter, the final decision will remain on the side of the IIBA Russia Chapter.
Project management structure
Translators are organized into teams. Management of the translation team is assigned to a member (one member) of IIBA Russia Chapter.
At the initial stage of the project guidance of the teams will be engage members of the Board.
Leaders of the translation teams, members of the Board constitute the Expert Council. Expert Council is an authority entitled to making a final decision in the case of disputes, and also the formal approval of the translation results at the level of the Chapter.
In the Expert Council can and should be included recognized experts in the field of BA, who are members of both IIBA and IIBA Russia Chapter. New member of the Expert Council is included under the condition the unanimous approval of all existing members of the Expert Council.

Also, the Advisory Board will be created. This is an informal association of specialists in BA and related areas, which we will attract to the discussion. This association will not have power to make the final decision.
It is possible not to create this body and replace it by regularly scheduled seminars for discussing the translation, with condition that these seminars will be well organized and will be held more or less regularly